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Inadequate Staffing Ratios in Nursing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Lacking Staffing Ratios in Nursing - Essay Example There is a developing worry over this issue considering the way that numerous arrangements offered delineate a few shortcomings. Clench hand, the choice to expand nurture proportion has been connected to battles between money saving advantage and cost-adequacy. Studies led by Reiter et al (2012), to uncover the monetary presentation enveloping the immediate expense of nursing leaves a ton to tell. As indicated by his examination, about 80% of this presentation rose to the compensations and advantages, 44% included inpatient care costs, and 30% reflected emergency clinic consumptions. Given this information, one can undoubtedly conclude why the state government is battling with deficient financial plan to help satisfactory medical caretaker to persistent proportions.  Secondly, there an expanded vulnerability on how new human services change will influence proportions. Reiter, Harless, and Mark (2012) concentrate on California’s get together bill (AB394) demonstrated an expansion of 20% every day nursing hours and assessed its expense to be about $168,000 to $2.3 over the accompanying five years. With such costs, the overall population (the patients included) is relied upon to pay vigorously if this proportion is to be met.  Finally, there is expanded worry for the lower number of an alum from the nursing program. Clinical schools the country over delineated low understudy enrollment, a factor that has been connected to the current issues confronting the nursing field. This shortage is aggravated even.

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Sources and Classifications of Law in the United Kingdom Essay

Sources and Classifications of Law in the United Kingdom - Essay Example  Legislation alludes to the law, which is made by a body extraordinarily established for that reason. The enactment is grouped into essential and optional enactments. Enactment in the UK gets from different sources. The Supreme enactment body for the United Kingdom is the Parliament of the UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, British Overseas regions and British Crown conditions; the parliament is additionally alluded to as the Westminster.  Each of the three significant purviews of the United Kingdom: Northern Ireland, English and Wales, and Scotland has its laws and administrative frameworks. The Westminster has administrative matchless quality; along these lines, it has extreme control over all other political powers in the United Kingdom and its regions. Enactment in the United Kingdom appears as Acts or Statutory Instruments. The Acts are passed legitimately by Parliament while the administration serve or the Queen-in-chamber makes Statutory Instruments under the author ity of Parliament.â Primary enactment comprises the law made by the authoritative part of the legislature. The essential enactment appears as Acts of Parliament in the United Kingdom. In essential enactment, the parliament is the law making body; this is on the grounds that Parliament determines its law making powers legitimately from the Constitution.â â Secondary enactment in the United Kingdom must get the approval from the essential enactment so as to guarantee conformance to limits set somewhere around essential enactment.  â

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Hamlet Foils free essay sample

Numerous dramatists use foils to help the crowd in profoundly understanding the importance of a play or the inspirations of the characters . Foils are minor characters that have likenesses or contrasts with a significant character. Frequently the minor character is in the play so the significant character has somebody to talk with. The likenesses between the foil and the major are commonly sexual orientation, same social class, or being in a similar circumstance. The contrasts between the two might be a significant viewpoint in their character. In his play Hamlet, William Shakespeare utilizes the Ghost, Laertes, and to thwart Prince Hamlet and help characterize his character for various focuses. The Ghost of Hamlets father is a foil for Hamlet. The phantom is highlighted in the play for two enormous reasons: setting up the contention, demonstrating a heavenly implausibility to Hamlets character, and giving Hamlet somebody to talk with. The apparition gives the data of how he passed on and who submitted the homicide. We will compose a custom exposition test on Hamlet Foils or then again any comparable subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page While Hamlet is chatting with the phantom, he turns out to be exceptionally irate with his mom and uncle. He chooses he needs retribution from Claudius for the homicide of his dad. Both Hamlet and the phantom trust Claudius should pay for what he has done, albeit neither take care of business. Among others, one comparability between the apparition and Hamlet is that they stay in a similar social class. Alongside likenesses, Hamlet and the phantom have a couple of critical contrasts that differentiate Hamlet. The phantom was killed before the start of the play; be that as it may, Hamlet passes on toward the finish of the play while he was battling with Laertes. At the point when Hamlet and his dad discussed his mom, he said he needed to rebuff her for what she has done. The phantom advised him to disregard his mom and that she would inevitably be rebuffed. The apparition said it was fine for Hamlet to follow Claudius. Hamlet was frantic at his mom for wedding his uncle and the way that she didn't stand by long enough after her spouses demise. The apparition assists with clarifying why Hamlet needs vengeance. Laertes is another foil for Hamlet. A solid explanation that Laertes was in the play is with the goal that Hamlet would have somebody to battle toward the finish of the play. Both Hamlet and Laertes need vengeance for their dads passing: Laertes oppositely needs retribution from Hamlet. Hamlet slaughtered Polonius unintentionally when he was in his moms room since he thought it was the lord. Hamlet and Laertes love Laertes sister Ophelia. Both are distressed over her passing. At the point when Laertes discovers, he is frantic and truly needs to execute Hamlet. Laertes censures Hamlet for the passing. Hamlet didn't need anything to happen to her since he disclosed to her they couldn't be together. He was apprehensive he would end up being much the same as the remainder of his family. Laertes and Hamlet have a couple of contrasts between them. Their air all through the play was altogether different. When Hamlet discovered who killed his dad he began to act unusual. He needed everybody to accept he was going insane so they would not recognize what he was doing. Everybody started to accept that there was some kind of problem with him. Laertes didn't shroud his actual emotions. At the point when he got some answers concerning his dad, he was exceptionally furious. He needed Hamlet to pay for what he had done. Another contrast between the two was their areas during the play. Hamlet was in the play from the earliest starting point. Laertes was in Paris and didn't appear until after his dads demise.

Porters 5 Forces Essay

Five Forces investigation for IT industry Wipro Technologies is a worldwide data innovation (IT) administrations organization. It gives custom application plan and improvement, IT counseling, frameworks mix, innovation foundation out sourcing, programming items and BPO administrations. Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model ganders at five key zones the danger of passage, the intensity of purchasers, the intensity of providers, the danger of substitutes, and serious contention. Danger of new contestants: New participant in the market may affect portion of more seasoned partners Threat of substitute: Due to mechanical advances, Quality imperatives or cost viability there can be a danger of the substitute on the business. Haggling Power of client: This is the bartering intensity of the client - one who is purchaser of the products. Bartering Power of providers: This is the dealing intensity of the provider - one who supplies sources that are required for completed merchandise. Near Rivalry inside Industry: It tells about degree of rivalry in the middle of firms in an industry. Doormen Five Forces assists with examining how these powers demonstration together to make the organization increment or diminishing gainfulness of the organization. The technique of the organization ought to be to impact these powers to augment productivity. Subsequently beneath is an investigation of the IT business and investigation of productivity in custom application plan advancement, frameworks reconciliation, innovation foundation the board fragments of IT Threats and obstructions to section Economies of scale and Capital Investment Requirements: IT requires low speculation and consequently we have many new businesses beginning each year. While it is anything but difficult to contribute and begin a product organization supporting development doesn't come simple. All these new businesses likewise play in a territory where Wipro doesn't contend like low worth undertakings or in subcontracted work. Consequently they are not a danger to the gainfulness of Wipro. India is the most loved goal for off shoring Information Technology (IT) and IT empowered Services. The Indian IT/ITES industry orders over half of worldwide ITES off shoring piece of the overall industry. The IT/ITES sends out are set to cross USD 60 billion by 2010 and Nasscom (The National Association for Software and Services Companies), gauges that the business will represent USD 63. 7 billion of incomes and direct work is required to arrive at about 2. 3 million. The IT business contributes around 26 percent of India’s complete fares and was around 6. 1 percent of India’s GDP for budgetary year 2009-2010 (NASSCOM, 2010). 2 Customer exchanging costs Wipro works across verticals like telecom, BFSI, Media and Communication, Automobiles, Government, Technology, Manufacturing, Energy, Healthcare, Hospitality and so forth and has a few ODC or seaward advancement places for about every top organization on the planet. These seaward advancement communities have a huge number of assets working with multi year ventures winning a great many dollars of income a year. The expense of moving or exchanging even a piece of these tasks to different organizations would include gigantic set up, progressing costs with no ensured outcomes. Wipro has quality confirmations like Cmmi Level 5, PCMM Level 5,BS9977 and so on and new contestants will confront a boundary in such manner. Worldwide agreements won't be given to organizations with the absence of accreditation. The absence of security affirmations will make clients have security related concerns while sending information seaward. 3 Access to dissemination channels and innovation This represents no trouble. Many top specialty unit heads have recently stopped from Wipro and generated their own organization which has developed and here and there partaken in the piece of the overall industry of Wipro. Since the business blossoms with information laborers when a senior individual leave he takes access and information on client base and client contacts with him. The Internet is available all over the place and programming innovation in the time of open source is effectively available to all. 4 Government Subsidies and arrangements Current ideal approach by government for new ITES-BPO firms is making serious circumstance for Wipro and other set up players in the India IT industry. The changes have decreased permitting prerequisites and made remote innovation available. The changes have additionally expelled limitations on speculation and made the procedure of venture simpler. This has massively helped the IT ventures. The Indian government is effectively advancing FDI and speculations from NRIs (Non-Resident Indians). FDI can be gotten through the programmed course, in view of forces agreed to the Reserve Bank of India. Improvement and reach of media transmission can help new participants into the IT business. Similary enhancements in foundation and force part can likewise help new contestants into the IT business. Perceiving the significance of Venture Capital Funding, the Ministry of Information Technology has set up a National Venture Fund for the Software and IT Industry with a corpus of Rs. 100 crore. The primary point of the investment Fund is to give Venture Capital to fire up programming experts and little IT units. Nasscom (most significant advertiser of the IT/BPO industry) has been assuming a vital job in helping the IT business accomplish the IT and ITES vision and make India a long ways in front of different players in its field and BPO. Be that as it may, new contestants and new businesses can never be in the alliance of Wipro which includes 20-30 new clients each quarter and wins income in the range 0f 50-60 billon USD each quarter. 5 Brand Loyalty Since Wipro is in multi year associations with the vast majority of it’s clients and since the relationship is driven top down from CEO level and exists once in a while with whole IT association of the client, there is a profound brand dedication that can't be spurned. Wipro exchanges on NYSE and is a very much regarded worldwide organization. Danger of Substitute Cost is frequently the fundamental differentiator among key players in the product business nature of administration being the equivalent. Indian IT firms like Wipro face hardened rivalries from their partner in other developing business sector like Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Philippines and China. The IT suppliers in these business sectors charge serious rates when contrasted with Wipro. Yet, Wipro has improvement focuses in China , Philippines with the goal that they can use a similar preferred position. Simultaneously Wipro pulls in an immense pool of assets from the many driving specialized organizations across India . These assets are prepared to work in numerous innovations and furthermore are truly adaptable concerning work timings. Moreover, the Wipro has been incredibly quality centered being the principal Indian Cmmi Level 5 organization with high-talented pool of information laborers with English speaking Hence it has an upper edge over other seaward areas like China, Philippines or Latin American nations 1 Quality/Value suggestion While new businesses work like a dud and in some cases do draw in a first time IT outsourcer it is MNCs like IBM and Cognizant which can be distinguished alternative for Wipro. Mindful with it’s consistent and proceeded with development rate has partaken in the piece of the overall industry of organizations like Wipro. A MNC with a considerable history and foundation would e be able to function an alternative for Wipro in the product business because of the separation that they get terms of conveyance models, senior individuals/authority in the association, R;D center, consistent spotlight on not yet develop verticals (like medicinal services in Cognizant’s case for instance) and siphoning back cash into the business. These MNC carry a superior incentive to the client and connect with the client at a progressively vital level . Buyer’s ability and relative cost/execution of substitute according to a report in Economic Times Emerging close to shore rivals, including Ness Technologies of Israel, CPM Braxis of Brazil and Mexico-headquartered Softtek are progressively getting alluring for top re-appropriating clients, for example, GE, Citib ank and a few others trying to work with neighborhood, specific sellers as opposed to sending all activities to seaward areas like India. Despite the fact that Wipro is developing it’s nearness in the developing markets of Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia, they face solid rivalry from these more current adversaries. For some clients who as of now have noteworthy nearness in seaward areas like India, it’s a hazard enhancement, Some clients having 70-80 percent of their seaward assets in India are understanding that they have to take a gander at the third class of providers that are neighborhood and specialty. In the course of recent years, organizations, for example, CPM Braxis, EPAM Systems, Ness Technologies, Softtek, Merchants and Spi Global have developed as more grounded adversaries for Indian tech firms, particularly while offering for a re-appropriating contract being fleshed out by a ‘first-time outsourcer’. Brazilian firm CPM Braxis, for example, which tallies GE, ABN Amro and Whirlpool as customers, detailed incomes of around $567 million out of 2008. One of the best four Brazilian banks, Bradesco, is additionally among the greatest clients for the organization. While these rising redistributing rivals are not yet in the major association of mega, multi-year contracts, they are as yet ready to pick up business on account of their specialty and neighborhood showcase aptitude. On a normal, these organizations can win contracts worth $2-5 million in yearly agreement esteem. Bartering intensity of client Concentration of purchasers and merchants There are a huge quantities of playes in the product business. While India and Indian programming organizations with showed execution are the lead sprinters, players over the world and particularly from other creating nations like Brazil and so on are in the run. Consequently the client has tremendous dealing power. 2 Profitability of purchaser rec ently because of the cut in IT spending, while IT spend of the clients may have diminished, the quantity of players are competing for a similar financial plan. Henceforth cost advantag

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Anyliss of Edgar Allen Poe's The Cask of Amontillado. What caused Poe Research Paper

Anyliss of Edgar Allen Poe's The Cask of Amontillado. What made Poe compose such dull sonnets - Research Paper Example Pundits both in history and writing have built various hypotheses about his inspirations to compose as he did with some presuming Poe’s unsteady love life while others have noted substance maltreatment as the reason for his shock stories. To comprehend Poe’s artistic works, it is critical to be available to the two hypotheses however is obvious the passing of his friends and family notwithstanding being mishandled by his temporary dad are a portion of the variables that fundamentally impacted his works. Poe’s disastrous life started when not long before his third birthday celebration, his mom kicked the bucket of tuberculosis living him his sibling and sister vagrants as their dad had before on deserted them (Moreno and Rigal-Aragã ³n 128). Now throughout everyday life, Poe was extremely youthful to grasp the ramifications of his mother’s passing in his life however in later years particularly during adulthood, his appearance drove him to lament for how much better his home life would have been with the two his organic guardians present. The demise of his mom appears to have psychologically affected him given that as right on time as age six he feared the dead or kicking the bucket making him have alarm assaults at whatever point he passed a burial ground dreading apparitions would come after him (Meyers 76). The demise of William Henry Leonard Poe additionally because of tuberculosis contamination was the second passing of those Poe adored. Poe grieved the passing of his sibling lamenting the absence of chance for them to connect. In spite of the fact that Poe had an insecure relationship with his non-permanent dad, Poe’s mental strength and work when all is said in done was extraordinarily affected. Accordingly, the passing of his mom, sibling and non-permanent dad assumed a compelling job in the in Poe’s dull writing. Given the excruciating experience Poe had because of the demise of those near him, it is just regular that he would feel passing as a definitive discipline. Passing is the best methods for isolating individuals from one another as it did to those round him. Poe along these lines

How to answer the Fall 2016 short essay COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog

How to answer the Fall 2016 short essay COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog Last week, I shared some tips on what NOT to do when responding to the personal statement (aka long essay). Today, Im tackling the short  essay. Like the personal statement, the short essay question has changed this year (as it does every year), so its understandable why applicants might be stumped. Short Essay (Essay 2):  What one policy (national or local) would you create or change and why?  (200 words maximum) In general, be specific with your response. Briefly explain to the Admissions Committee  what the policy is, how it affects the community and why you would want to change it. While the prompt doesnt ask you  how  you would change it, it can show us your resourcefulness if youre able to succinctly address the  policy from every angle.  Keep in mind you have a limited amount of space, so be strategic in what you  write. If youre telling us how you would change a policy, you should also be somewhat detailed in what your recommendations would be. For example, Five percent of college students have homesickness so severe that it causes symptoms of anxiety and depression. To combat this issue at my alma mater, I would like to create a policy at Columbia University that allows the Center for Student Wellness on the Morningside Heights campus to regularly host human-animal interactions (aka interactions with therapy dogs). Why pet therapy to help students cope with homesickness? The Journal of Creativity in Mental Health reports that spending time with a therapy animal resulted in decreases in self-reported anxiety and loneliness in college students, according to the Columbia University Medical Center. While the International Journal of Stress Management reports that simply petting a dog during study breaks reduces student anxiety and sadness. Thus, by creating a safe space for students to connect with one another, while interacting with trained service animals, theyll be healthier individuals who are able to dispel their frustrations without hurting someone else or negatively impacting their academic performance. To achieve this, I would establish relationships with therapy organizations, coordinate with Columbias health services staff to schedule the sessions and ensure liability coverage, and connect with student affairs and press departments to promote the sessions on a routine basis. (Can you tell I have a thing for animals?) While this isnt a fool-proof formula for writing your essay question, I wanted to show you how I personally answered it in a limited time frame. (1.) I started by describing the problem, (2.) I stated a potential solution, (3.) I explained why the solution is valid, (4.) I described how I would implement the policy.  Keep in mind, this is just a first draft (based on 30 minutes of research and writing time). When it comes to writing the next draft, I would definitely focus  more on how I would want to implement the policy, or how I would go about creating the change. Your essay format is going to vary wildly from mine, and thats more than  fine. (In fact, if someone else on the Admissions Committee were to write this blog post, theirs would vary as well.) Experiment with how the short essay flows, add  a statistics or omit them altogether.  Ive also read essays that shuffle this order around, so do what works best for  what youre trying to write. And yes, as my sample suggests your policy doesnt have to change the world as we know it. Your policy can be as big or small as you can dream up. Have fun with it, shoot for the stars, be impactful, and share with us a policy youd really want to create or change in  your community, city, or country.  And keep in mind its part of your admission application, so it should be  reflective of your application as a whole. I hope this has been helpful. If you have any additional questions about the essay requirements, feel free to email us at

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How Animals Help In Psychological Healing - Free Essay Example

Abstract People often overlook the importance of animals in the process of psychological healing. Animals have been used for decades as emotional and social cushions for people with debilitating ailments. Service dogs and animal-assisted therapy are a growing cultural phenomenon, as a common tool for increasing physical and mental wellness. These tools have been most commonly used for treating physical disabilities, but recent research suggest that animals can also be used to treat emotional illnesses. The prevalence for post-traumatic distress disorder (PTSD) has grown exponentially since the year 2002 (Furst, 2016). There is no cure for PTSD, but many therapists have been exploring the psychological and perhaps, even physiological benefits of the human-animal bond. Non-profit organizations have funded programs that provide training for animals specifically for the use of emotional support. Animals that are professionally trained, are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act; requiring all public institutions to make arrangements to accommodate the needs of the patient (Silcox, Castillo, Reed,2014). Emotional Support Animals and Veterans With PTSD The human-animal connection is a complex relationship that is still being studied today. For hundreds of years animals have been used to help remedy the effects of certain disabilities. A person with a disability can suffer from impaired functional capacity and diminished social participation (Silcox, Castillo, Reed,2014). Animals of various species provide therapy to a wide range of people, says (Kane, 2015). Doctors, therapists, even the ancient Greeks utilized the relations between human and animal to aid in the recovery of physical and psychological ailments (Silcox, Castillo, Reed,2014). Using animals for therapy is growing in popularity; due to the degree of simplicity and the capability to adhere to ones autonomy. In America, there are approximately 73 million homes that own pets- some homes owning more than one (Silcox, Castillo, Reed,2014). Pet ownership is rewarding in itself; because of the many emotional and physical benefits it provides. According to (Silcox, Castillo, Reed,2014), animals help fosters the strengthening of interpersonal relationships-improving social interactions with other people. While most people seek a sense of security from their companions, animals can provide a sense of trust and empathy (Silcox, Castillo, Reed,2014). Humans psychological need for unconditional love and acceptance is primarily demonstrated in the human-animal relationship. Doctor, Charles Mayo, and Therapist, Sigmund Freud discovered the unique effects animals had on humans during the 20th century (Silcox, Castillo, Reed,2014). Patients had an overall positive behavior in the presence of a pet, and some people used pets to shard personal emotions. The president of K-9 for warriors (2015) asserts that dogs improve peoples mental health, their perspective, and their ability to relate to other people. Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) has been used increasingly within the past few years. AAT is a type of therapy that utilizes animals in the process of treating clients with moderate to severe psychological and physical impairments (Silcox, Castillo, Reed,2014). Seeing eye dogs and psychiatric service dogs are trained by professionals to aid in the people daily lives. The American Disabilities Act (1990) requires all public facilities and institution to accommodate the needs of a person with any type of disability (Silcox, Castillo, Reed,2014). Emotional sup port animals (ESAs) can be any animal, wild or domestic, that assist in the overall mental health of a person. Unfortunately, since ESAs do not have to be trained, the law passed in 1990 does not recognize to work done by the animals (Silcox, Castillo, Reed,2014) Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a psychological disorder following an excessively traumatic event (Kloep, 2016). Effects of PTSD can be devastating, not only for the victim but the people around them. On average, twenty-two veterans die every day from suicides, some conjecture that health care professional could do more to diagnose and treat PTSD (Furst, 2016). The prevalence of PTSD in civilian populations average around 6.9% but it is immensely higher, ranging from 10.1%- 30.9% (Kloep, 2016). While anyone can suffer from PTSD, veterans who have been in combat are more likely to develop and become diagnosed with PTSD. Combat veterans who have killed or have seen death first hand are predisposed to the diagnosis of PTSD (Furst, 2016) Common symptoms for PTSD are intrusion, avoidance, negative alterations in cognition and mood, and alteration in arousal and activity (Kane, 2015). Post-traumatic stress disorder overrides a person ability to distinguish non-threatening people a nd stimuli from past memories. There are more developed ways to treat PTSD; however, veterans who have been diagnosed with PTSD rarely ever seek help. A group of approximately 50,000 veterans with PTSD were offered medical treatment, and only 9.5% actually sought help (Kloep, 2016). There are multiple non-profit organizations that provide service animals for veterans who suffer from PTSD. K-9s for Warriors (2015) is a non-profit organization- founded by people associated with PTSD- that provides emotional support dogs, including a 3-week training program for returning veterans with PTSD. Another program uses animals trained by incarcerated individuals and gives them to veterans with PTSD (Furst, 2016). According to Silcox, Castillo, Reed (2014) there are many types of animals- not only dogs- that help people achieve a better quality of life. People who suffer from PTSD, find it difficult to integrate back into a functional society, especially due to compromised feelings of trust. Animals lack a developed frontal cortex, which confines them to the limitations of their own instincts. It is easier for humans to trust in an animal; simply because, it will never conspire to do anything that is outside of its own nature. Those who participate in Animal-assisted therapy, will learn different coping methods, how to efficiently manage symptoms, and regain a sense of confidence (Furst, 2016). The relationship formed between human and animal not only improved social interactions, but reduced heart rate, and cholesterol levels- encouraging people to become more publicly involved (Silcox, Castillo, Reed,2014). Oxytocin, bonding hormone, is commonly associated between human-human, however, this hormone is also produced by pet and owner. Service dogs can be trained: to recognize the symptoms of a flashback, block people from getting too close to the veteran, and wake up a veteran during a nightmare (Furst, 2016). It was observed that in the presence of service dogs, veterans reduced taking anxiety medications, felt lessening symptoms of depression, and strengthened interpersonal relationships (Kane, 2015). Though it is still unperfected, animal-assisted therapy has made an impact on many peoples lives. References Duax, J. M., PhD., Bohnert, K. M., PhD., Rauch, S. A. M., PhD., Defever, A. M., B.S. (2014). Posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms, levels of social support, and emotional hiding in returning veterans. Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development, 51(4), 571-8. Retrieved from Furst, G. (2016). Helping war veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder: Incarcerated individuals role in therapeutic animal programs. Journal of Psychosocial Nursing Mental Health Services, 54(5), 49-57. doi: Kane, E., PhD. (2015). K9s for warriors: Saving the lives of veterans with PTSD.Dvm360, 46(5), 40-41,43. Retrieved from Kloep, M. L. (2016). The effect of psychiatric service dogs for PTSD symptom amelioration in military veterans (Order No. 10163382). Available from ProQuest Central. (1830472216). Retrieved from Silcox, D., Castillo, Y. A., Reed, B. J. (2014). The human animal bond: Applications for rehabilitation professionals. Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling, 45(3), 27-37. Retrieved from